This unique piece is an exploration in warmth, boldness and passion. Printed on uncoated aluminum, this piece was designed to draw the eye through its deceptive use of a simple color palette and dimension while allowing the surface to shimmer from all angles.



This amazing art-piece is rich in both detail and color. Its intricate maze of light and shadow captures the eye and demands that the viewer get lost in its surfaces and materials. A bold and complex piece, this is well suited to be the primary focal point of any large space. 




“Expansion of Theory”, seen in the center of the image above, is a striking image that elegantly resolves the contradictions between still and motion as well as cool and warmth. It demands and keeps the viewers attention and almost dares to you look away. 

“Drift”, seen on the left side of the image above, adds a calming and welcoming ambiance to any room. With it’s subtle and gentle implication of motion it is a perfect piece for your guests to study and relate to without knowing why.