In the early 1990’s James (Jim) was at college studying traditional art. While focusing on his art foundation, a very interesting thing was happening – the worlds of technology, art and entertainment were coming together in ways that had not been done before and offering the world visions and experiences never before seen. The growth was fast and the results were amazing.

As a guy who was never able to control his imagination, he was drawn to this new creative and technology focused art form. It offered a new way to remove the constraints, to think in new directions and to release the imagination like never before.

Transitioning away from traditional art, Jim began his new studies in 3d modeling and animation. Before he graduated, he was offered a position in a start-up video game company at a time when video games were just establishing themselves as a major industry and a catalyst for technology growth.

During Jim’s 20 year tenure as an Art Director in the video games industry he has had the honor of working on many titles and working with some of the most iconic studios and art houses in the Industry including Lucas Film (George Lucas – Star Wars), Marvel Entertainment, Tolkien (Lord of the Rings) and Dreamworks to partner on collaborative projects.

After leaving the games industry, Jim began to utilize his vast knowledge and experience of art, software and technology to create unique and very complex 3D art for Hotels, Casinos, Corporate Companies, Private Residences and Exclusive Commissions. While Jim does not discuss the details of his processes, he will say that each piece is created using 5 to 8 different pieces of sophisticated and highly specialized software and can take many weeks to complete. When working in 3D he does not use Photoshop or any other image editing software as part of his creative processes.

Jim currently lives and works on the Gold Coast in Australia’s tropical Queensland and travels regularly back to the United States.